Department of Trauma

In our Emergency & Trauma facility or injured patients with life-threatening conditions, are immediately taken under the care of a team of specialized emergency doctors and the patient is evaluated, resuscitated and stabilized as per protocols.

Our trauma center is equipped and staffed to provide comprehensive emergency medical services to patients suffering traumatic injuries. The operating rooms are always available to trauma patients with 24×7 availability of specialists in Trauma Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Neuro Surgery, Plastic Surgery & Reconstructive Surgery, Surgical Critical Care, Rehabilitation Medicine, and Emergency Medicine to adequately respond and care for the various forms of trauma.

Our team has been following the latest revolutionary techniques of biological fixation and the use of locking compression plates in trauma surgery.

Biological Use of biological fixation methods Gone is the old days where a plate of 8 inches needed an incision of 8 inches and muscle splitting / stripping the bone of its blood supply. We all know this will delay bone healing and increase the chances of infection.

Now with the MIPPO (Minimal Invasive Percutaneous Plate Osteosynthesis) technique 14-inch plates are slid through one-inch insions and firmly fixed to the bone this is done without disrupting the blood supply and muscle attachment to the bone. Obviously infection rates are low and bone union rates are high.


    • Life saving emergency procedures/treatment
    • Cardiac Monitor
    • 24hrs ambulance services
    • Day Care Facility
    • 24 hrs Diagnostics

The Radiology section provides facilities for investigations such as X-Ray, Ultrasound, Special X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI, MRCP, MR Angio, CT Angio etc. These services are available round the clock for both Indoor as well as Outdoor patients. The department includes state-of-the-art X-Ray and portable X-Ray machines, USG equipment and CT scanner from world leaders in medical equipment like Siemens, GE and Philips. Report generation is fully computerized and is available immediately.

A unique aspect of Srikara Pharmacy is the medicine stacking and inventory management system following the ISO guidelines. All medicines are stored in the correct environmental conditions so that the efficacy and potency of the drugs do not deteriorate.

Ambulance services are available in the hospital for 7×24 days. Free Ambulance service is provided to neighborhood¬† as well as trauma patients as and when required.