Deformity Corrections & Spine Surgeries

ILIZAROV (ring fixator) is the Gold standard method of correcting deformities in children and adults.

Limb correction is a gradual process, which lengthens and straightens bone and soft tissue so a limb can function as normally as possible.

This method takes advantage of the body’s remarkable ability to grow new bone tissue. It involves the surgical application of a circular metal frame called the Ilizarov fixator.

There are two main phases to the correction process: correction/lengthening and consolidation. The lengthening phase is the time needed to gradually achieve the desired correction/length of the limb. The consolidation phase is needed for the new bone tissue to harden and mature. Each individual’s body is different, but the total time of wearing the fixator is typically 4-12 months.

Ilizarov is not only used to correct defromities also used in complex trauma , joint fusions,releasing soft tissue contracutres etc.